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Hiking Website ThumbHave you ever dreamt of stepping on the Appalachian Trail for a day, a week, or a season? The iconic trail has a clear voice that calls to many of us. With a burning need to put boots to rocks, but with his thru-hike still a couple of years away, the author decided to hike in and around Damascus, Virginia and then attend Trail Days 2017. The experience did not disappoint, and now you can share the journey.

Inside you’ll brush up against some favorite author/hikers have dinner with YouTube royalty, sleep with the oldest man ever to thru-hike the trail, get outpaced by a blind preacher, and answer the question of whether the trail provides.


HSH Website ThumbThis has been a long time coming! When I began the path to authorship with “Human Scale and Pace” it was a vague and incomplete vision. It took several years to flesh out and refine, but the end product is now available.

If you often feel like the world has become too big and fast for you, you aren’t alone. Thought leaders have been commenting on this for more than 150 years, but this is the first attempt to address the problem from a DIY perspective. We’ve identified the problem, now read the book for the solutions. They’re easier to implement than you might think, but even the more difficult ones are worth it. Breathe new life into your days and your relationships and get your copy today.

Human Scale Happiness


Little Office Website ThumbI edited a 1897 version of the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin Mary published by John F. Fowler in Dublin, Ireland. If you are Catholic and and would like an easy way to incorporate prayer throughout the day in a meaningful way, this is the book for you. The “Little Office” is a shorter version of the “Big Office” which is commonly known as “The Liturgy of the Hours” and consists of seven set times for prayer each day.

These meditations will center your life on the Psalms and enrich your prayer life, encouraging you to put yourself in the presence of God frequently

Little Office of the B. V. M.


Book review of Hank Nuwer’s “Sons of the Dawn: A Basque Odyssey”

Buckaroos vs. Shepherds in the Old West

I contributed a short article to the International Association of Emergency Managers’s “IAEM Bulletin in May 2011.

Resilient Risk Management

A short article on page 5 of the July 2012 issue of The Guardian

Starting Your CEM Packet

A couple of scholarly papers I wrote after recording breakout sessions at the 2011 FEMA Higher Education Conference

Maintaining and improving bachelor’s level emergency management programs

New uses of social media

This is a story that I wrote for a Catholic Answers book project about ten years ago.  The scrapped project was a book of essays from Catholic “reverts” who had left the Church for some reason and then returned.

A Prodigal Son Comes Home

The items below are articles I wrote for Ball State University’s student produced magazine “expo,” “Arts Indiana,” and Kiwanis daughter publication “Keynoter.”

Jumping for Joy

David Letterman

Generic Story

Tenth Anniversary Celebration

Honeywell Grand Opening

Jail and Bail

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