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Have you ever wondered why most schools keep the students confined in classrooms when the real “classroom of life” is the world at large? Maybe one of the reasons we have schools is to keep kids out from under our feet during grown-up work hours. Maybe they’re all taking things way to literally when we say that the kids are “at school.” It used to be that some of the incarceration was punctuated with a recess for the younger kids, and field trips for the older ones. But recess is rarely seen now beyond pre-K, and outings for the older students are quickly being replaced with “virtual field trips.”

There are other options. If there is a natural setting nearby, is your child’s school willing to allow some classes to be taught outside? Nobody may have even brought up the topic yet. Put your support behind nature field trips. Make sure there are study areas at home where nature can activate the senses. Get into nature with your family or friends. A couple of hours of nature contact can continue to have positive effects throughout the week. Be creative. Think outside the normal choices, because when you do, the choices become endless.

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