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The Thousand Great Books

THE NURSERY (Ages 2 – 7)

Aesop.  Aesop’s Fables
Andersen, Hans Christian.  Fairy Tales
Belloc, Hilaire.  The Bad Child’s Book of BeastsCautionary Tales.
Caldecott, Randolph.  Picture Books, 16 little volumes (published by Frederick Warne).
Carroll, Lewis.  Alice in WonderlandThrough the Looking Glass.  Illustrated by Tenniel.
Collodi, Carlo. Pinocchio.
de la Mare, Walter.  Come HitherSongs of Childhood.
Edgeworth, Maria.  The Parent’s AssistantMoral Tales.
Ewing, Juliana.  Jackanapes.
Gesta Romanorum.  Translated by Swann (scholarly facsimiles).
Grahame, Kenneth.  Wind in the Willows (illustrated by Ernest Shepherd).
Greenaway, Kate.  Apple PieBirthday BookMarigold GardenMother GooseUnder the WindowThe Language of Flowers  (Frederick Warne).
Grimm.  Household Stories.  Illustrated by Walter Crane (Dover facsimiles).
Harris, Joel Chandler.  Uncle Remus.
Kingsley, Charles.  Water Babies.
Kipling, Rudyard.  Just So Stories; Jungle Book.
Lamb, Charles.  Beauty and the BeastTales from Shakespeare.
Lang, Andrew. Arabian Nights 
Lang, Andrew.  Blue Book of Fairies and other colors; five volumes; best illustrated by H.J. Ford (Dover facsimile).
Lear, Edward. Nonsense OmnibusThe Owl and the Pussycat.  Illustrated by Lear (Warne).
Lofting, Hugh.  Dr Doolittle’s Circus and others in the series.
Milne, A.A..  Winnie the Pooh and others in the series.
Mother Goose (Dover facsimiles – illustrated by Rackham; Viking Press).
Perrault, Charles.  Fairy Tales.  Illustrated by Dore (Dover).
Potter, Beatrix:  Peter Rabbit and 23 little volumes; some available in French, Spanish and Latin.  All illustrated by Potter (an important feature of these books is their small size, designed for a young child. Buy the individual books, not all of them collected in one big volume).
Stevenson, Robert Louis.  A Child’s Garden of Verses (Scribners).

SCHOOL DAYS (Ages 7 – 12)

Adams, Andy.  Log of a Cowboy.  Illustrated by N.C. Wyeth.
Alcott, Louisa May. Little WomenLittle Men; others.
Aldrich, Thomas Bailey.  Story of a Bad Boy.
Burroughs, Edgar Rice.  Tarzan series.
Browning, Robert.  The Pied Piper of Hamelin. Illustrated by Kate Greenaway (Warne).
Burnett, Francis Hodgson.  The Secret GardenLittle Lord Fauntleroy.
Collins, William. John Gilpin’s Ride.  Illustrated by Caldecott (Warne).
Cooper, James Fenimore.  Deerslayer and many others.
Dana, Richard Henry.  Two Years Before the Mast.
Dickens, Charles.  Christmas CarolCricket on the HearthDavid CopperfieldOliver Twist (These last may be reserved for adolescents or re-read.)
Dodge, Mary Mapes.  Hans Brinker.
Defoe, Daniel.  Robinson Crusoe.
Garland, Hamlin.  Son of the Middle Border and others.
Hawthorne, Nathaniel.  Tanglewood Tales.
Henty, George William.  A hundred “Boys Books”.
Irving, Washington.  Sketch Book.
James, Will.  SmokyLone CowboyBook of Cowboys Illustrated by James.
Kingsley, Charles.  Westward Ho, others
Kipling, Rudyard.  Captains CourageousStalky and Co. Illustrated by Millar.
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth.  HiawathaEvangeline.
Marryat, Frederick,  Midshipman EasyMasterman Ready, and others.
Masefield, John.  Jim Davis.
Porter, Gene Stratton.  Freckles and others.
Pyle, Howard.  Robin Hood and others.  Illustrated by Pyle.
Sewell, Anna.  Black Beauty.
Shakespeare.  Comedy of Errors.
Spyri, Johanna.  Heidi.
Stevenson, Robert Louis. Treasure IslandKidnapped, and others.  Illustrated by N.C. Wyeth
Stowe, Harriet Beecher.  Uncle Tom’s Cabin.
Tarkington, Booth.  Penrod and others in the series
Til Eulenspiegel  translated by Mackenzie.
Twain, Mark.  Tom SawyerHuckleberry FinnThe Prince and the Pauper – but not Connecticut Yankee and later novels.
Verne, Jules.  Around the World in Eighty Days; and many others.
Wilder, Laura Ingalls.  Little House on the Prairie; and others.
Wyss, Johann.  Swiss Family Robinson.

ADOLESCENCE (Ages 12 – 16)

Bronte, Emily.  Wuthering Heights.
Collins, Wilkie.  Moonstone and others.
Dampier, William.  A Voyage Round the World.
Daudet, Alphonse. TartarinFromont Jeune.
Dickens, Charles.  Barnaby RudgeNicholas NicklebyOld Curiosity Shop.
Doyle, Arthur Conan.  Sherlock Holmes series; White Company.
Du Maurier, George. Trilby.
Dumas, Alexander.  Three Musketeers; others.
Eggleston, Edward.  The Hoosier Schoolmaster.
Eliot, George.  RomolaAdam BedeMill on the Floss.
Fabre, Henri.  Selections from Souvenirs entymologique.
Hughes, Thomas.  Tom Brown’s School DaysTom Brown at Oxford.
Hugo, Victor.  Quatre-vingt-treizeLes MiserablesHunchback of Notre-Dame.
Ibanez, Blasco.  Blood and SandFour Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Le Sage, Alain.  Gil Blas.
Park, Mungo.  Travels in Africa.
Parkman, Francis. Oregon Trail.
Poe, Edgar Allen.  Tales; and poems.
Polo, Marco.  Travels.
Reade, Charles.  The Cloister and the Hearth.
Rhodes, Eugene.  Best Novels and Stories (edited by Dobie).
Scott, Walter.  IvanhoeRob Roy; many others.
Shelley, Mary.  Frankenstein.
Shakespeare.  Midsummer Night’s DreamRomeo and JulietMerchant of Venice.
Sienkiewicz, Henryk. Quo VadisWith Fire and Sword.
Swift, Jonathan.  Gulliver’s Travels.
Wallace, Edgar.  Four Just MenSanders of the River; others.
Wells, H.G..  The Time MachineThe Invisible Man; others.
Wister, Owen.  The Virginian.

YOUTH (Ages 16 – 20)

Austen, Jane. Pride and Prejudice; and others.
Balzac, Honore.  Pere Goriot; and many others.
Bellamy, Edward.  Looking Backward.
Bernanos, Georges.  Diary of a Country Priest.
Blackmore, Richard.  Lorna Doone; and others.
Borrow, George.  Romany Rye; and others.
Bronte, Charlotte.  Jane Eyre.
Buchanan, John.  The Thirty Nine Steps; and many others.
Butler, Samuel.  The Way of all Flesh; Erewhon.
Cabell, James Branch.  Jurgen; and others.
Cable, George Washington. Old Creole Days; and others.
Cather, Willa.  My AntoniaDeath Comes for the Archbishop; and others.
Chekhov, Anton.  Stories; and plays.
Chesterton, G.K.. Father Brown series; Everlasting ManA Man Called Thursday
Columbus, Christopher. Four Voyages to the New World.
Conrad, Joseph.  Lord Jim; and many others
Cook, James. Captain Cook’s Explorations.
De Maupassant, Guy.  Stories.
Dickens, Charles.  Bleak HouseOur Mutual FriendMartin Chuzzlewit.
Dostoyevsky, Feodor.  Crime and PunishmentBrothers Karamazov.
Doughty, Charles.  Travels in Arabia Desert.
Fielding, Henry.  Tom JonesJonathan Wilde
Hakluyt, Richard.  Voyages to the New World.
Hawkins, Anthony Hope. The Prisoner of Zenda.
Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Scarlet Letter; and others.
Irving, Washington.  Life of ColumbusConquest of GranadaLife of George Washington
Jackson, Helen Hunt.  Ramona.
Lagerof, Selma.  JerusalemGosta Berling; and others.
Loti, Pierre.  Iceland Fisherman; and others.
Manzoni., Alessandro. The Betrothed.
Melville, Herman.  Moby DickBilly Budd; and others.
Moore, Tom.  Lalla Rookh.
Morris, William.  News from Nowhere.
Scott, Robert.  Scott’s Last Expedition
Shakespeare.  MacBeth; Hamlet; Taming of the Shrew; As You Like It.
Stendahl.  The Red and the BlackThe Charterhouse of Parma.
Stanley, Henry Morton. How I Found Livingstone.
Thackeray, William Makepeace.  Vanity FairHenry Esmond; and others.
Tolstoy, Leo.  War and Peace; and others.
Trollope, Anthony.  Barchester series
Turgenev, Ivan.  Fathers and SonsA Nest of Gentlefolk; and others.
Undset, Sigrid.  Kristin Lavransdatter; and others.
Verga, Giovanni.  The House by the Medlar Tree; and others (translated by D.H. Lawrence)
Washington, Booker T.. Up from Slavery.

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