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I added a new page to the website today, after spending quite a bit of time in the basement getting rid of stuff I’ll never use. The tab is at the top of my home page, and it is titled “Unsuming.”

Want to join in the fun as I get rid of meaningless stuff? Tell us what you got rid of! Here’s how it works. The Minimalists (dot com) have a 30 day minimalism challenge, where you begin on the first day of the month, and on each day, you get rid of enough stuff so that the day of the month is the total. On the thirtieth day of the month, you’d get rid of 30 things.

In the Unsumer Challenge, you add up the numbers in the day of the month, and get rid of that many things. And tell us about what you trashed! The highest number of things you’ll get rid of on any given day is 11. That being the total from the 29th of the month.

Does it sound like fun?

Click on the Unsumer tab, or just go ahead and click this link.

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