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Journaling is popular, and for good reason. A simple way to increase your well-being is to cultivate the practice of being grateful. Hence, many influencers encouraging writing several entries into a gratitude journal each day. I’ve taken it a step further.

Getting your life pared down to an ideal human scale and pace requires getting yourself out of auto-pilot mode and paying attention to several important areas. If you look at my menu bar, you’ll see a new entry:


When you click on it, it will take you to a form that will guide you through the several topics important to living at “HS&P.” While some are partial to pen and paper, and others have their own journaling app, I added the journal section so that those who wish to, could use it to establish the habit. If you eventually migrate to another means of journaling, great! Adding an entry also allows you to go in and see what others have written. Use this as a means of inspiration and sharing others’ successes.

Will you give it a try?

If it seems a tad voyeuristic, just remember that in writing for public consumption, keep the most personal details to yourself and use general descriptors and pronouns when mentioning others. “DW” or “DH” instead of your spouse’s name.

It is best to establish the habit at the same time every day, meaning when your journal will end. That will normally be at the end of the day, and you’ll add your journal entry before going to sleep. But if you are a morning person, or an afternoon person, simply add yesterday’s entry today. Too easy, right?

Click on the menu bar’s journal. tab to get started.

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