welcome home

Have the messages of simple living and minimalism touched you deeply? That was my experience. Eighteen years of research into what makes people resilient and feeling comfortable in their own skin brought me to a realization:

Simplicity and minimalism are popular because they both buy into a larger theme the resonates with people trapped in a society where things have gotten too big and impersonal. Too fast and hectic. Too superficial and depressing. They violate the basic human scale and pace that is hard-wired into us.

That is why I started small. slow. happy. That is why I wrote “Human Scale Happiness.” I’m here to support you in your journey into shedding superficiality and building stronger connections to people and to nature. Toward rejecting advertisers commercial call to sacrifice at the altar of rampant consumerism. Toward turning down the noise, slowing down the pace, keeping only those things that we need and those that bring us joy.

Travel with me as I become the change that I wish to see in the world.

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