Grounding myself by the water

As you have figured out, I stop quite frequently at Bryant Creek Lake on my way to work. When I come around the curve south of the Morgan Monroe State Forest entrance on Old State Road 37 on workdays, the little gravel patch of a parking lot calls to me.

I discovered the place while on a training hike with my son last year, before I even started working at the university. He and I are going to complete a thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail in a couple of years.

The lake also appeals to the resident geese. As the sun is coming up, or has just come up, they are energetic about starting their day – honking to each other, calling to their neighbors gliding through the air and dipping their wings in the water as they negotiate a place to land.

So does the beaver who many mornings makes a show at his displeasure that I’m standing on the shore with my trademark tumbler of scalding hot coffee. He will do a forward flip, planking his rigid tail even with the water to make a loud “belly flop” sound.

Being there even for two or three minutes sets the tone for my day.

Do you have a place like my lake where you can ground yourself in the morning?

Tell me about it in the comments box!

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