B.E.D. Post for February 24, 2017

Okay guys, today I’m testing out a twenty dollar Vivitar video camera. It’s no GoPro, but it worked in a pinch! I didnt’ feel safe riding and holding my iPhone, so I looked for a dirt cheap solution. The audio was terrible, so in the interest of showing you that I lived up to my commitment to Bike. Every. Day! I sped the motion up 400 percent. Ha! Enjoy.

If you try to translate my sped-up squirrel voice, it’s talking about doing a SNOBO on the Appalachian Trail, perhaps after I thru-hike it on foot, but we’ll see. I was looking at the logistics of doing a combined hike/bike of the AT, and some of the roads are dicey!

Don’t forget to get out there and move tomorrow. Be well.

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