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greening the food deserts


This is why it is going to take a concerted approach to making fresh wholesome food available everywhere. First, personal and community gardens. Families could join together and plan out who will plant what, and everyone would get a share. Think of it as a DIY farmers market. I can envision shared community meals with the harvest featured on the menu, and neighbors sharing their recipes. Second, re-zoning that encourages neighborhood “mom and pop” grocers who sell locally sourced food and other products. I don’t discount the possibility of existing stores such as 7 Eleven and Village Pantry adjusting their business models and locations to become what their neighborhoods need them to be. The challenge is profitability. Finally, why not mobile kitchens where localities license food vendors, allowing them to operate in shared public spaces aka food trucks and street food vendors? It could happen.

We need creative, sustainable solutions to the basic problems that vex us. What else am I missing?

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