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cleanse your soul with a forest bath

We are starving for contact with nature. As spring draws near, I wanted to offer a tool to help people renew that connection, but how? By releasing the first in a series of Greenlight Guides with the intent to help folks “Get outside. Go Wild. Reconnect with Nature.” The simple practice established in Japan back in the 1980s called Shinrin Yoku or Forest Air Bathing is an easy way to reap huge benefits from a slow, easy walk in nature. The practice has been getting a lot of attention in the media, and it seems a cottage industry has grown up around it. I saw a need for a cheap, short, accessible guide that could be read in a couple of hours and then used as a reference to get people out there doing it instead of reading about it. “Nature Therapy: Forest Bathing and Beyond” is all meat, no fat. A satisfying read designed to inspire you to find a spot, enter the forest, and begin forest bathing with no questions in the back of your mind like, “Am I doing this right?” and “Did I forget something important?” I have found no better way to slough off the stress of modern life and renew my own contact with nature than by immersing myself in the forest using the six easy steps included in this Greenlight Guide. Greenlight Guides are bareboned, easy to understand, 10,000-word ebooks and paperbacks designed to get you out doing the things you desired to learn.

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