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Eleven Years

RestoreI started blogging back in 2007, the year I quit a good paying factory job building transmissions at Chrysler, and I could tell a thousand and one stories based on events that happened during those months. But I won’t. The blogging was sporadic and didn’t gather much of a tribe. Most of it is still hosted on WordPress, except for the posts that were excruciatingly bad. I deleted those. Today, however, I wanted to go back and visit one of those posts, because it’s subject has remained evergreen in my life. It is about a book by John Senior called “The Restoration of Christian Culture.”

Whether Senior knew it or not, his book truly is a blueprint for the restoration that must occur in the West, if the West is to retain what it means to be Western. After a decade of reading and underlining it, studying and praying over it, I’ve decided that the time for me to act has come. And so, with this post, let it begin. As I see it now, my participation and involvement will occur via two initiatives. The first is this blog, and I’ll be at it regularly. The second is a periodical tentatively to be named “Good Soil Magazine.” The magazine may go through several formats until its final form is achieved, but its reason for existence will remain constant. To press Senior’s vision into matter. Will you join me?

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