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Goody Two Shoes

They’ll call you naive. Unsophisticated. Goody two shoes. If you want to retain even a modest level of goodness or purity or innocence.

They who have succumbed, hate innocence because it reminds them of what they’re not. What they’ve lost. Possibly what was taken from them.

But in their unguarded moments goodness attracts them.

When you dig beneath the surface of their intent, you quickly see why the gospel calls us to be separate. Consecration. Holiness. Otherness.

It is the only way to maintain innocence. Yes, it is a balancing act on the edge of a razor sharp sword. It has to be. How can you help others if you don’t get their dirt on you?

If you don’t hate sin, you can’t help them.

If you wouldn’t rather die painfully rather than to be separated from God through sin, your resolve will break, and you will become that which you are not.

Trust me.

If you value your soul’s eternal destiny, get purity. Get innocence. Be the goody two shoes.


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