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Blooming Backyard

These daffodils survived the four inches of snow we got a few days ago.

Spring is pushing up everywhere, and it couldn’t have come too soon. With the cherry blossoms reaching peak along the tidal basin and the surrounding areas, we’re in the thick of season change. I’m anticipating the rhododendron in my front yard joining the floral chorus of color. The daffodils were disinterestedly watching me set my hammock up in the back corner of the yard, but I doubt that the phlox was tall enough to take notice. Note to hammockers, if you get the extra long whoopie slings, you can hang between more distant trees, or half the distance by only attaching one.

Phlox is usually one of the earliest harbingers of spring in the NE United States.

Hennessy Hyperlite

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