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Focusing more on people and experiences than on things...

Focusing more on people and experiences than on things…

This coming year is going to be big for me in the way of smallness.

I’m downsizing the amount of stuff I own, because somewhere along the way it began owning me.

I’m simplifying, as Thoreau said, not though a change of government (although we’re getting that in 2017 ready or not) but in a single movement of my heart. One heartbeat goes out with 2016 and a new one will begin the New Year. And with that first new heartbeat I will focus more on people and experiences and less on … stuff.

I spent the the morning of New Year’s Eve day working in the back of the house, where my office is. Where there are massive stacks of books I’ll never read again, boxes from tech gadgets I’ll never use again, stacks and piles of trinkets I care nothing about and to which I have no emotional attachment. A lot of it went to Goodwill.

And I feel lighter. More free.

Unburdened by stuff.

So, I will continue this process into the new year. Though it is not my intention to make it a resolution, I do figure that by the end of 2017, whatever else may come my way, most of my stuff will have left my way.

Wish me … well,

Wish me well.

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