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Or a great fullness. That’s what I feel. I updated you a few weeks ago in “should I stay or should I go” that there were possible changes on my horizon. Oh, did things change. I made a decision to jump ship from my previous job, my last contract gig. In doing so I subjected myself to a month of doing something I said in 2007 that I’d never do again, and that was to clock in to a factory and work on a shop floor again.

The month I spent at Knauf Insulation brought back memories. More GenCorp than Chrysler in nature, but I was reminded once again how quickly you bond with people you’re sweating and laboring next to. Twelve hour midnight shifts will make you tight with your co-workers quickly. Everyone was surprised I was leaving so quickly, but I just couldn’t stay.

Because Indiana University main campus in Bloomington invited me to join their public safety and institutional assurance team as an emergency management coordinator. I’ll retire from here. It was a toss up between this position and one working as a business continuity planner for DFAS in Indianapolis. I actually broke out pen and paper and started writing down positives and negatives for each position. One of the hardest decisions in taking the IU job was that I now have to drive to Bloomington five days a week. It’s a pretty drive, but it’s a long drive. The decision was hard because I know we’ll eventually end up moving to Bloomington some time after my youngest graduates from high school in the spring. It is especially painful because I’ve become more and move involved at St. Joseph’s (next door!) and we have a great new priest. It is his first parish where he’s the administrator (pastor). I’m honest enough to know that priests get moved around a lot, but I’m enjoying Fr. Rodriguez’s time in Shelbyville while I can.

Bonuses to working at IU Bloomington is that the Catholic Center is right next door to the building where I work, and I’m able to attend daily Mass. There are daily confession times. There’s adoration in the afternoons. We’ll eventually be moving to a new building after the first of the year, but the new location is right across the street from another Catholic parish on the edge of campus. I think God is telling me something.

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