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From my last post, I caved.  There are too many apps that connect through Facebook; when I went “offline” it made it harder for me to get stuff done.  I did enjoy the weeklong reprieve, though.

Happy Fourth!

I feel for people who have pets or combat vets in the family when the fireworks start going off.  Fact is they’ve already started going off – weeks early.  Because some people are asses and never think about anyone but themselves.  But if you have a dog, instead of complaining about how everyone else’s right should be restricted, try buying a thunder shirt and getting dope from your vet to zonk your dog out during the high festivities.

For your combat vets, buy them lots of alcohol and a good pair of flanged earplugs. They probably still have the pair for which the Department of Defense paid four hundred dollars (rough estimate) so help them find those. I’m not taking away your right to complain, just offering practical solutions.

Feeling lost

I’m in a weird place because the first part of the year saw Aaron the eldest and I going hiking every weekend. Rain or snow or shine, we were out there kicking up leaves. Since he accepted a position with Amazon in Texas and started his training, we haven’t been able to get out. I’ve got to craft another game plan because this is not something I’m giving up.  I’m planning on hiking the Appalachian Trail at the earliest opportunity and I want to keep my feet on wilderness paths. You’ll see more pictures from me once I get back into a groove. Miss my hiking buddy! I’ve asked Steven a few times if he’d like to go, but he’s uninterested. That’s okay if it isn’t his thing, but I can’t stay away from it.

The inbetweenies

I’m currently unemployed! We discovered that my contract ended on July 1st and not August 7th, when I hired in at JFHQ-IN, but it couldn’t have happened at a lousier time. We just got a new provost marshal, who roughly translates to “my boss” and the incoming officer really has his plate full.  They won’t be able to sit down with my contract company reps until Wednesday after the holiday weekend, and it may be a couple days after that before everything is inked. So I’m in a weird place. My holiday weekend may be a lot longer than yours! But that, too, is okay, as it will give me the opportunity to knock out a few more local trails.

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