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Swirling Thoughts

 I want to be mindful. By that, I mean being fully present in each moment. It isn’t a piece of cake. It isn’t easy as pie. It can be damn hard, but like many things, I bet it gets easier with practice.

I also want to focus on the important things in life. And I don’t want to fool myself about what those things are. There are so many messages swirling around out there. Some are blatantly false. Some are attractively false. Some are true but the truth isn’t obvious because people have thrown mud at them and they appear unappealing. Some are clear and true and beautiful. I want to live my life aligned with the true, the good, and the beautiful.

These things don’t have to be of a high order. For instance, this weekend we hiked with a new acquaintance and his dog, a yellow Lab. Hiking with a dog is a beautiful thing when the dog is enjoying it, which Corbin was. We hiked seven miles and Corbin hiked twenty. He was up and down the spurs and draws with boundless energy , went swimming in the lake and lay down in the deeper parts of the creeks we crossed to cool off and hydrate. His simple canine joy at being outdoors and free was contagious. He was as alive as a dog could be, and I felt a touch of envy. I don’t want to be a dog. I want to be fully present in the moment like he was.

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