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A New American Dream 

Back in college, there was this great song by Billy Crockett, formerly of Grand Funk Railroad, called “41 Lawnmowers.” I loved that song because it explained in a nutshell the American Dream (TM).

I’m an Unhyphenated-American who takes things like this personally, to the extent that it is feasible. I’m not sure if anyone has done a feasibility study on the American Dream, and I don’t feel like Googling it at the moment, but damn. You know what I mean? The older I get, and I’m “not that old!” – the more I want to just ride my bike. And hike. And simplify. And live life at a human scale and pace.

That phrase, “human scale and pace” has captured my attention for the past several years, as I’ve done my best to explore it in depth across the whole spectrum of being. As an emergency manager, and masters candidate, I’ve tried to reconcile the reality of how we have to build our future cities in a way that respects us as human beings.

The central question I keep coming back to in all of these studies is “Is there an ideal way of living that best fits my human nature?”

I believe there is, and though I’m not going to type a thesis right this moment, I will be exploring this topic in depth this year, so if the topic is of interest to you, check back often and let me know if you think I’m on the right track.

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