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Laudato Si

Conservative disdain for the environmental movement, even among Catholics, is appalling. Once not long ago, being conservative included a such ideals as conservation, but it would appear that is rarely the case now. There, I said it. Of course, I’m painting with a broad stroke, but more often than not it is true. The current fad is to rail against climate change science, disregarding every other category to include pollution and the destruction of entire ecosystems.

While I am disheartened by commentary coming from some conservative authors who in the past I believed I could trust, this encyclical has caused a lot of them to show their true colors. They are good capitalists. They are good Republicans. Good Catholics? By their fruits you shall know them. The rampant consumerism card has been pulled from the deck and placed on the table face up, along with it’s four brothers, for a straight flush: Throw away society, neglect of the common good, pollution of the air, water, and soil, and outright selfishness. And some of my favorite writers over at Crisis magazine are squealing “Marxism! Marxism!” I expected more…

I fully plan to begin implementing as many of those things as possible that Francis asked for in this letter to all humanity. How many of you will come along for the wild ride?

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