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Snow Day


Martha’s driveway

I got to Alexandria yesterday afternoon and the homesickness hit me almost at once.  It was one of those “what were you thinking?” moments when the full weight of my decision came home to roost in my heart.  I’m well acquainted with that feeling of loneliness because this isn’t the first time I’ve had to make this kind of decision.  There was a time when I was a homebody slash factory worker who went to work and came home on a daily basis, and had a lot of weekend time.  But I haven’t experienced that sense of normality since 2007.  The new normal has some perks.  Being offered the chance to pursue my dream job affords me a heady feeling of euphoria.  But the crash is that I”m away from my wife and kids for extended periods of time, and that just sucks.  Big time.

I staved of that feeling this morning after I awoke to find that the DC government is shut down today because of the snow storm that sneaked up behind me on my drive east.  So, I didn’t have an orientation to go to this morning.  Still, I was up and refreshed and lonely at 5:30.  I put on some snivel gear (cold weather clothing) and headed outside with shovel in hand and cleared off Martha’s driveway and un-buried my car.  The residential street was already plowed, as is Fort Hunt Road, so even though the gummint is shut down, the streets are open.  I will venture out later to pick up a few things I forgot at the store yesterday, find a gym with a free treadmill so I can get a good workout, and go to Costco with Martha to help her pick out a wireless printer.

I hope y’alls day is spectacular, and that you cherish all the little things in your life like the hugs from your loved ones.  I can’t right now, and that separation only intensifies how truly important they are.  Because you don’t miss things like that until you don’t have them.

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