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A Parting of the Ways

20141226_074109I’ve been telling my family and close friends that it is going to be weird not driving to Camp Atterbury for work now that I’m no longer employed there.  For the past fifty months or so, I have driven there, or ridden my bike, fifty miles round trip, five days per week.  No more.

I will miss taking the occasional “good morning” sunrise pictures on lonely winding country roads.  I’ll be trading that scene for sunrise-over-the-Potomac shots from the side of the Mount Vernon Trail, which isn’t a bad trade off at all.

Different can be good.

But now on to the next segment of my life, where work is just outside of D.C., and I’ll be using planes a lot more.

Another upside is the amount of bike trails at my disposal, and the amount of days off that I’ll have to be able to dedicate to riding and recording bike trails.

I’m stoked.

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