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What Does That Mean?

Many times when you hear someone speaking of a person in glowing terms, they call them edgy and irreverent and offbeat.   Like that is a good thing.  What does that even mean, to say that a person is edgy?  When I look at synonyms for edgy it returns words like anxious, high strung, and impatient.  I don’t willfully choose to be around people like that.  And I guess irreverence is now a virtue.  Not.  Profane, insolent, and cocky, is more like it.  Again, not the type of person I seek out.  I can stand a person who is offbeat, unless he or she is a drummer, but I’m listening to less and less popular music these days, so my daily intake of drumming and offbeatness is waning.

I want to be around normal people.  Good people.  People who live their lives with the realization that there is an After, and that After is something for which we must prepare.

So if you’re being introduced, and the emcee says you’re edgy, and irreverent, don’t expect a round of applause from me.  And if you’re offbeat, please for the love of all things reverent, don’t pick up a pair of drumsticks.

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