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After completing the RAIN Ride (Ride Across Indiana) on July 12th, which for me was 163 miles and change, I have to admit that I took a liberal dose of easy days on the bike.  By easy, I mean three or four miles.  It still counts!  Three longer days in there.  A couple of 20 milers and a 50 mile bike commute to work has kept me in good enough shape to apply muscle to chainring when needed.  I smeared some of that on the flat route to Flat Rock and back this evening.  But my quads were really pingy.

I know why.  I got on the treadmill at work yesterday and banged out a 5K during lunch break.

Hadn’t run a step since the color run back in May.  May?  Where did summer go?  The bike workouts have kept me in shape, but running uses different muscles than biking does.  And both share some of that anatomical real estate.  I’ll stop whining now.

Get out there and ride a bike.

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