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November, Six Years Down the Road


I made a decision this week to return to blogging here at Uncommon Sense, instead of at the other venues I’ve been using, if for no other reason than simplicity’s sake.  If you recall, I began this blog on November 3rd way back in 2007, after taking a buy-out from the factory job I’d been at for 12 years, zipping off to San Antonio for a few months to work as a recruiting officer for the ROTC at UTSA, and then quitting that job and hightailing it back to the Hoosier State.  I sold insurance for almost a year the spring after starting the blog, quit the insurance job around the first anniversary of the blog because I was asked to take an active duty tour at National Guard Bureau in Arlington, Virginia.

Never quit your job until you have another one.

I say that because as soon as I quit my job, I was told there were problems with the funding for my NGB tour.  I didn’t end up going until July of 2009.  Did another temp gig during the wait as a recruiter for ROTC, this time at Western Illinois University.  Definitely been a whirlwind of activity since giving up the humdrum life of an assembly line worker all those years ago.

I’m just rambling a bit as I look back over those six years.  But there is a history chronicled here that I loathe to give up.  I can’t say that you’ll always find the content relevant to your life, but I will try to keep it interesting.  Stay tuned.

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