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First Time on the Cardinal Greenway


I live for this!

A few weeks ago, Tawnya and I got up early and drove to Muncie to get a few miles in on the Cardinal Greenway.  For both of us, it was our first time on the trail.  We ended up riding more than fifty miles.

On our way back in, Tawnya stopped and said, “did you see that cell phone?”  I hadn’t seen anything but I turned back around anyhow and sure enough, there was a Samsung Galaxy S II with a Ballistic brand tough case on it.  There had been severe thunderstorms a couple of days prior to our ride, and I wasn’t optimistic that the phone would even work.  We tossed it up on the dash of the car after we had loaded up the bikes, took the phone apart, and put the air on to dry out any moisture that might have gotten in.

I toyed around with it for a bit when we got back to the house, but it appeared to be bricked until I flicked my thumbnail over the battery contacts a few times, then plugged it back in.  It fired up immediately and the GPS sports tracker the owner had been using during the ride still held the date, time, and location from when the battery had finally discharged after it fell from his bike.  I wondered if he hadn’t gone to the GPS app’s website to see where it said his phone was.  Evidently not.

The phone had been laying there for more than a month, exposed to the summer’s droughty heat and sun, and then through a drencher of a thunderstorm.  The battery didn’t want to hold much of a charge but I kept it plugged in while doing enough research on the phone’s contents to identify the owner.  It gave up his gmail address and I sent him a note:


Found your Galaxy SII smart phone on the Cardinal Greenway yesterday. It still works.  You owe a shout out to Ballistic phone covers…this thing took on the storms we had earlier in the week and lived to tell about it.  Give me an addy to mail it to you, or make arrangements to meet up. You probably got another phone by now, but it doesn’t hurt to have a back-up…and man do you ever have a story to tell your friends now!”

He had, indeed, replaced the phone, but said he was glad I’d found it because there was information on it that he needed.  I shipped it back to him the next day.  A couple days after that I got an email from him confirming that he had received it and asking me if I wanted to hit the trail with him sometime.

I think I’ll take him up on that soon.

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