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All of a Sudden

Did you know that for the past, oh, say 2,000 years or so, must people have been horrifically evil bigots?  That is what those who are “all of a sudden” for gay marriage and homosexual rights would have you believe.  We have been big, mean, murderous homophobes.  That means, if you consider yourself a moral conservative, you’re a bigot.  If you are Catholic and actually believe what your Church teaches, you’re a bigot.  If you don’t want openly homosexual men to have access to your children through the Boy Scouts of America, you’re a bigot.  If you think that marriage predates “the state” and has no business redefining the term and the institution, you’re a bigot.

Well guess what?  Then consider me a bigot.  I’m Catholic and I believe what my Church teaches.  I’m a moral conservative.  Marriage predates “the state” and the state has no authority to redefine the institution, let alone the term.

Government’s biggest role traditionally has been to do everything within its limited power to protect the family and the institution of traditional marriage.  Government has gotten too big for its breeches.

The next group in the wings wanting recognition and special rights are grown-ups who think children should be able to decide which adults they “consent” to have sex with.  And these pervs are all for it.  They don’t think it leaves any scars on the childrens’ souls.  In twenty years, if you disagree with them, guess what?

You bigot.

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