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Trail Marker Three

Random shot of enticing canopy lined road

Richard Vonnegut introduced me to Dan Henry this past Wednesday, along with several other topics that rambled on as effortlessly as we did as we talked from atop our bikes.  On our past discussions we had mostly focused on the Central Indiana Line that takes over where CSX leaves off coming east through Shelbyville and heading through Waldron, St. Paul, and Greensburg before winding up in Cincinnati.  Side topics on our two rides (so far) included strategies for working with people who oppose trail projects, the ideosyncracies of nineteenth century Indiana architecture,  good bicycle frame design, and the possible purchase of a house that is for sale at an important junction of the abandoned south bound rail line we were studying as we rode to Flat Rock and back from Shelbyville.

The longer we rode and the more we checked out the abandoned line, the more I got the impression that wheels were turning furiously in his head.  At least I hope so.  The reason I labeled this post “trail marker three” is because of an email he sent me early this morning alluding to a map he had procured from the DNR relating to this abandoned trail.

“You will like it,” he stated.

I hope so.  I very much hope so.  More to follow…

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