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Trail Marker Two

Steel rail . . . rusted!

All right, what we have here is a good possibility of future progress on the trail.  During my research, I’ve seen people from several different places state that if you are wanting to convert a rail to a trail, the first thing you should do is to go and check out the condition of the track.  If it is shiny, the line is probably still in use.  If the rails are rusty, you may be in luck.  It takes awhile for rails to rust, so the flaky brown coating is your ally.  The rail in the picture is from the tracks that run through Shelbyville and west into Waldron, St. Paul, and Greensburg.  Happy day.  To coincide with my upticked dedication to biking, I adopted a 2000 Diamondback Response Sport in gently used condition from the great people at The Bicycle Shop on N. Miller in Shelbyville.  They’ll probably be seeing a lot of me as I push this project through.

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