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Starting Down the Trail

I left a voice message with the Greenways Foundation this morning, and after work, went to The Bicycle Shop to talk with Tim McKenney.  It was a hundred degrees out today and the bottle of refrigerant I’d sprayed into my Cruiser’s AC system was only motivated enough to give me about seventy-nine degrees.  I wanted to catch him before they closed, so I went straight there from work, without changing.  I’m sure he was amused at the sweaty Major trying to beat “the locking of the door” only to find he wasn’t buying anything.

“Just wondering if there had been any interest in the past in building a rail-trail,”  I said.  He stayed for a few more minutes.

Back in the nineties, there was a big push and it almost succeeded, until someone who was against the project bought part of the proposed trail.  Fair enough.  I wonder if he’s still around or if he still feels the same way.  We’ll be finding out, because I need a trail.

“Can we finish this conversation later?  I really have to get this bike delivered,”  he ended.

“Absolutely.  Don’t want to keep your from your rounds.

The Bicycle Shop is a good local place to start asking questions if you’re wanting to put in a trail.

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