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Shelby County Rail Trail

I find myself in a quandry.  Please bear with me as my stream of consciousness runs amok.  If a quandry was similar to a laundry, and a laundromat at that, then my mind could rightly be called a quandromat.  There are ideas spinning around like blankets in a big gas dryer.  I miss (and when I say miss, I mean desperately so) my trails.  When I lived in Peru, which is the Circus Capitol of the World, I had the gorgeous Nickel Plate Trail


to hike, bike, jog and enjoy.  Fate moved me quite serendipitously to the D.C. metro area for almost a year and a half.  There, even on the outskirts of one of the most populous areas in the country, I had the privilege of renting a house nary a quarter mile down the street from the Mount Vernon Trail, four-and-a-half miles north of Mount Vernon, and a stone’s throw away from Geo. W’s River Farm Garden.  Dyke Marsh on the Potomac.  Stone arch bridges.  Heaven.


Did I mention that I miss these trails?

Okay.   Here is what I’m thinking.  It may go nowhere, but it may go several miles.  There is a seemingly abandoned stretch of railroad that bisects Shelbyville, and cuts southwest through Waldron (past my pal Hank Nuwer’s house, literally) and down through St. Paul, Indiana and beyond.   I don’t care about beyond.  I only care about the stretch from Sunset Park in Shelbyville to Hidden Paradise campground in St. Paul.

I’ve contacted an Indiana rail-to-trail organization and begun preliminary research into seeing if this is even possible.  It is an intriguing thought.  Will I tick off the powers that be in my new town?  Who would have thought that Miami County would have let something like this happen!  There is hope.  Until then, I guess I’ll just ride my bike in traffic.  Safely, of course.

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