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Morning Ride

July 9th bike route

I could ride all day if my posterior padding would let me.  As it is, I went just shy of 7.5 miles.  Not too bad considering I could have gone further if I had more time, and it was getting hot out because noon was approaching.  I like early morning rides best.

Riding on rail trails is much more satisfactory.  The former tracks could be cutting through miles of corn fields but you wouldn’t know it.  You’re traveling down a linear oasis, with trees and vegetation on either side, in some cases giving the appearance that it goes on forever.  That means, simply put, that you are riding in the shade.  That is a good place to be when the sun’s rays are beating down.

Fence row of vegetation I thought for some reason was picturesque

I did see some interesting sights, and snapped a few pictures with my smartphone.  A couple of them adorn my blog header now, and if I’d known that you could upload and edit a variety of header pics and have them change randomly, I would have done that before now.  Then again, I haven’t been blogging regularly so what does it matter.  This is typical Indiana summer scenery, which is why I love it so much.  I’ve started to go places the past few years and always found something to fall in love with at each place.  I loved the rugged, rocky beauty of the Texas hill country, the hectic marble curbed streets of D.C. and the hidden garden-by-the-Potomac south of the Beltway and east of Route 1.

For now, I’ll pedal the hot asphalt of Shelby County’s old country roads.

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