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Late Morning Ride

Thirteen miles of fun

I’m here to tell you how good it felt to sleep in this morning.  I gave penance to myself afterward by climbing onto my “new to me” Diamondback mountain bike and exploring the humid late morning countryside in Shelby County.  According to the data in the Android app “MyTracks” I went a total distance of 12.98 miles in 57.42 minutes.  My max speed was 24.61 mph (it felt faster than that!) and my average speed was 13.5 mph.  I won’t get in to the elevation and grade data because seems to be somewhat defective, and also it is just plain boring.  Like the stuff above wasn’t, right?  Hey, I had to post something.  I’m excited about this!  You should go out and find something that stokes the coals of your heart, too.  If you live around Shelby and you think it might be biking, let me know.  I don’t mind sharing the road.

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