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1500 Animals?

I think my alarm clock thought it was Spring Forward day today, because it rang me awake an hour early this morning.  No wonder I felt so tired.  I didn’t realize it until I’d been up for 40 minutes.  Now that I’m awake I can see that daughter the youngest has posted to FB that “‎1,500 animal species practice homosexuality… Only one species in homophobic. Now, really, people? Do you see, like, little puppy dogs carrying signs saying “God hates gays?” Nope, I don’t. What the hell is wrong with you? Get over it, and worry about your own life, not other’s.”

Then she and her friends were falling all over themselves with congratulation that they were so cool.  Okay.

I put up my own post that fifteen hundred animal species probably eat their own poop, too, but you don’t see puppies carrying signs saying that God hates poop.

The larger culture around us has told her that being gay is okay.  Some bigger person somewhere actually came up with that FB quote, and now all of the little middle school kids who need a cause can re-post it and get an ego stroke.  But it truly is the quote of a middle school youth.  There is no thought behind it.  I’ve never seen a dog carrying a sign.  I’ve also never had a stimulating discussion on the finer points of Thomism over tea with a spider monkey.  They don’t have intellect for the conversation or the dexterity to stir sugar tea with a spoon.  They don’t have a free will.  Their memories stem from instinct.

And then there is the whole homophobic thing.  If you can’t win your argument reasonably, just start calling your opponents names.  What makes somebody homophobic?  Is that like people who are afraid of clowns?  I have never seen anybody running down the street pulling their hair out and hollering, “the gay man blew a kiss at me!”  I guess all it takes to be homophobic is to believe in sexual morality.  Now, there is a concept unique to this generation.  All of a sudden, if I stand up in any way for traditional morality as understood in the West for over three thousand years, of a sudden I’m a bigot.


Thats the best you got?

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