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First Sunday of Lent

Today of all days my daughters chose to head off to the UUs.  That would be the Unitarian Universalists.  I hear that there was a larger discussion about wanting to check out other churches.  A discussion that I was in no way a part of, invited to, or would have been welcome at I’m sure.  So they go to the UUs.

This is all a result of the Catholic Church being so outrageously mean to gays, by insisting that sodomy is a grave sin. People should be able to love whomever they want, and the Church should mind its own business ( … ain’t none of your business.  If I wanna be a freak and sell it on the weekend, ain’t none of your business … ) and stick to the things she does best that nobody else wants to do, like caring for AIDS patients in their final agonizing days on the planet.  Thats right, the loving thing…the “non-judgmental” thing to tell homosexuals is that they’re perfectly normal, that everyone else is a bigot if they don’t agree, and that surely their path will lead to bliss.

Have you noticed the venom spilled around the “cure” topic?  Homosexuals cannot be cured of their sexual deviation.  It is possible for the opposite to happen, of course.  A straight man can suddenly discover that he is homosexual and that is okay.  A woman can become “bi-curious” and everything is peachy.  As long as everything is headed in the progressive direction, no problem.  But let a man decide that there is, in fact, something wrong with him, seek counseling, and be cured.  Well.  Snif.  That is wrong in so many ways.  Don’t say cure.  Nothing wrong here, move along folks.

But I’m a bigot now because I don’t support same sex marriage.  I’m standing in the way of progress.  Progress for the next wave.  I’ve been reading about it on this interweb thingy.  The next wave  isn’t people who want to marry sheep.  No, the next wave is adults who think it should be perfectly legal to have sex with children as long as the child initiates it or agrees to it.  Children have rights, too, you know!

But I’m the one who has problems…

I think daughter the eldest will fit in pretty well with the UUs at this stage in her life.   They’re pretty hip with the whole sodomy thing.  I did mention to her that she may want to ask them what their views are on abortion, which at this point she still opposes.  Even though they don’t really, you know, believe in anything, except believing in anything you want to believe in, as long as you believe you should believe in it.

For the record, they think that  abortion is just swell.  Its one of their only real dogmas.  Well, that and recycling.

Go, Green!

(They’ve even got Wiccans there!)

I’m psyched for her.  Daughter the youngest still has to go to Mass before she’s allowed to hang out with the you-squareds.

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