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I have a tendency to get pessimistic about this culture we live in, and people in general.  I know that I shouldn’t be that way, because I believe in the power of grace and in God’s love.  Here’s what gets me, and I don’t think that I have any peculiar insight into the matter; we’ve got all of these programs in place to do practical things to counter the culture of emptiness and death that parades itself about as a culture of peace and plenty.  The biggest by far is the pro life movement.  We mobilize people and resources to counter bad legislation, put bodies in front of abortion mills, and similar things to maybe put a dent into the enemy’s plan for mankind.

But did anyone ever stop to consider that things would be a lot less crazy if we shifted focus?  And don’t think for a second that I’m suggesting we stop these things we’re doing.  They are necessary, good, and effective … to an extent.

What should the focus be?  On the one thing necessary of course.  Unum necessarium.

If the fire inside of you is anything other than a burning, consuming love of Christ, it will be a fire that destroys rather than purifies.  These wounded and fallen people are not going to stop killing babies or believing that it is okay to snuff out an innocent life; they are not going to stop promoting immorality; they are not going to change one little bit because we tweak the law this way or that.  The law as we have it and understand it in the West was written for believers.  We live in a culture that believes in nothing but the self and what the self wants right here and right now, because it was brought up in a culture that glorifies the self.

If our main effort isn’t to convert hearts to Christ, we are simply wrong with a capital W.  We won’t convert many hearts at all unless that love gushes from our own hearts, steeped in grace and illuminated by the Holy Spirit.  How does one get to that point?  By giving up sin, beginning to live the gospel, and praying unceasingly.  One doesn’t get there overnight.  And don’t think that I’m preaching from the mountain top, I’m not, I’m just like the rest of you losers.  I’m sunk in it, but I don’t want to be.  I wouldn’t be taking the time to write this otherwise.

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