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Whats in the Box

A couple of weeks ago, I was going to post on the movie “The Box” and how it has a direct parallel to abortion.  Ending the life of an unborn child to “guarantee” a brighter future … what  could make more sense?  Caring folks like those over at feministing get upset when some dare to suggest that regret might knock at the door of conscience after such a decision.  Their promotion of a  response to the pro-life NYC subway advertising campaign is the work of genius, yes?  Reference above cartoon.  This is where our culture is at.

Abortion rights activists are livid over the new Oklahoma ultrasound law.  It is absolutely okay to show pictures of animals in the womb, as long as that animal isn’t an unborn baby.  After all animals are cute, right? Babies are something you kill so you can go to college and have a good life. Maybe those opposed could have proposed a law that the women be shown ultrasounds of cute, cuddly animals instead of their own budding babies.  Then, not only would their futures be brighter, but they’d have a cause they could get behind…stopping the destruction of helpless animals.  They have rights, too, you know.

But I’ll stop the snark.  This is, after all, a serious topic.  I just wonder who thought up this brilliant idea…


Throw a ball and kill a baby.  Nice.

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