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Money Quote of the Day

I’m implementing a new regular feature to Uncommon Sense today.  I’ll try to run it every day, but that is a goal set in pudding at this point.  It’s the Money Quote of the Day!  Stop back here often to see who in the Catholic universe gets a gold star for linguistic brilliance.

Today’s winner is “liberty” at GetReligion.org’s story  The Buck Stops with Benedict.

Here is liberty’s Money Quote of the Day.

“Call me crazy – but I thought the media’s job was to accurately report the facts.

“The elaborate contortions many in the media are going through to try and create links to the Pope has destroyed any confidence I had in the media.

“The lowlight for me was when the NYT used a Yahoo machine translation of a set of notes that were initially in Italian. They used this bad translation in order to attack the Pope in a story that has been proven inaccurate – but has not (to my knowledge) been corrected. I guess that use of a really bad translation served the purpose of tying the Pope to the issue – but it did not serve to accurately report the facts.”

Thank you, liberty.  You get it.

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