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“It’s Far Different Treatment…”

From LifeSite News:

“Superior Court Chief Judge Michael P. Scopelitis has authorized Thomas More Society-allied attorney Tom Dixon to pursue testimony under oath from officials who were key decision makers in the arrest of the Notre Dame 88 (ND88). It will also allow him to subpoena documents that may shed light on the college’s apparent inconsistency regarding the arrest and prosecution of other groups and individuals participating in similar on-campus events.”

For the life of me, I can’t figure out why Fr. Jenkins hasn’t done the right thing and recommended that charges be dropped against the ND 88.  Maybe Tom Dixon will be able to force his hand, now that he’d been given the green light to dig into the matters.

Take away quote from Mr. Dixon:

“[The earlier protesters] were arrested by Notre Dame and then just simply taken to the edge of campus and released: ‘Go and sin no more, don’t come back,'” said Dixon. “That is a far-cry different treatment from our clients, who were arrested and hauled off to jail, and you have the president of the University saying, ‘I can’t call for the dismissal of these cases.’  It’s far different treatment, and you have to ask the question: why?”

Why, indeed.

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