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Clouded by Bias?

USA Today ran an unattributed AP story today which conveniently ignores the facts and spouts the standard MSM refrain:

Pope Benedict XVI told priests Sunday to safeguard children in their charge from evil and win the “absolute” trust of their flock, even as his own papacy is clouded by accusations he and other top churchmen failed to protect minors adequately from pedophile clergy.

Translation:  “…even as we muddy the water with groundless accusations that he … failed to protect minors…”  It is the media that continues to fling poo at him hoping some will stick. 

Protect them from pedophile clergy?  According to the John Jay College research, over seventy percent of the abuse was from priests targeting teen boys.  The next major category was priests molesting girls.  A fraction of a percent was priests molesting male or female prepubescents, which is what pedophilia is.

But Benedict made no admission of responsibility for devising and overseeing what victims in lawsuits contend were strategies to protect the church from scandal instead of children from harmful priests.

He isn’t going to admit to something that isn’t true.  The truth is that as Cardinal Ratzinger, he was the one doing the most to reform the way abuse cases were dealt with.


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