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Twilight Finger Paintings by the Hand of God

2009-07-12 20.37.35Last Sunday, when I was heading back to Western Illinois for the last few days of the temp job I was doing, the westering sun guided my way.  Things got interesting once the sun got underneath the clouds and began to  light them up from underneath.  There was enough moisture in the atmosphere to really increase the complexity and delicacy of the palate.

In the first picture, you can see little flecks of cloud flipped up on the eastern end, making the still image appear to show movement…as if the tiny clouds were zipping around the sky, but I assure you they were relatively stationary.

The second picture is a good example of the neon pastels that saturated everything and made it difficult to concentrate on the drive.  So I pulled over and snapped away with my G1’s camera.  The sensation that liquid light was pouring down like lava was an anomaly that only shows up in the picture, but I had to include it because it’s just too cool.2009-07-12 21.08.58  It was amazing when I was looking at it, but the detail wasn’t as apparent, and somehow the camera lense intensified it.

The third picture was taken as I was pulling into the last stretch down 136 into Macomb.  I turned the music off, rolled down all the car windows and just bathed myself in the salmonand silver gloaming.  Had I gotten lost in a vesper psalm and tasted the sweet inebriation of language that turns to love, the peace it produced could not have been more profound than that I felt as the overwhelming blueblack sky pushed that final pink ribbon of light into another country.

Ya shoulda been there!2009-07-12 21.14.55

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