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What exactly is an "asocial worker"?

What exactly is an "asocial work professor"?

Things are pretty bad when the largest newspaper in Indiana contains a typo in the second column of the day’s top story.  Don’t believe me?  Check out the picture to the left. 

What happened here?  Several possibilities come to mind:  The Indianapolis Star relies on spell check to proof copy; the editors all left their glasses at home that day; they were trying to save space by eliminating the real estate between “a” and “social”; they didn’t think anybody would notice since nobody in Indiana reads anymore; there actually is such a thing as an “asocial work professor”. 

If the last case is correct, I don’t know if Ms. Adamek appreciated being listed in the same category as disgruntled postal workers and bureaucrats. 

Dictionary.com (yes, I know I’m lazy) lists asocial thusly:

asocial (ey-SOH-sh-uhl):
1. not sociable or gregarious; withdrawn from society.
2. indifferent to or averse to conforming to conventional standards of behavior.
3. inconsiderate of others; selfish; egocentric.
Get on the ball, Ms. Adamek!  Your reputation is under attack.

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