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When You Open Your Mouth…

Back in the end of August, I was surfing the web and landed on blogs.com.  Pretty neat concept.  Blogs about blogging.  Bloglists.  There were a lot of interesting categories, but like so many things, it seemed there was a gap.  Something was missing.

Could it be…hmmm…religion? 

I fired off an email suggesting that they might have ignored one of the biggest parts of a lot of people’s lives.  Silly me.

They wrote back. 

Long story short, there was an exchange of emails between myself, Andy and Wendy.  Andy’s a product marketing guy, and Wendy is an editor in chief.  So now I’ve got this Catholic Top Ten page over on their site.

They’re my favorite ten, and they may or may not be yours, but thats okay.  Give them some traffic because they’re on target, witty, and well written.

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  • matt December 8, 2008, 12:53 pm

    Jim, thanks for reading us and putting us on your top ten list.

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