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Its getting dangerously close to autumn, and that means “projects.” This was one of those project weekends.

I started painting the shutters over a year ago. I got all of them done except for the back of the house, then I got, ahem, “called to Texas” for a few months.

Well, the last of the shutters are now wearing the latest in fashionable blue and Madame is very happy. Happy because I got off of my lazy butt and did some work on the house.

And oh, I did a lot of work on the house. In addition to the shutters, I replaced all the worn or otherwise hinky looking window screens, and even even got the front porch painted the rest of the way.

Yes, it too has been sitting there half painted for over a year. But ah! The neighbors have nothing to complain about anymore, except maybe for the fire pit we installed in the back yard over where I cut the cherry tree down.

I cannot tell a lie, I really did cut down the cherry tree. It had been a nuisance ever since “one of the kids” tried to climb it when when they both were small, and split the thing in two.

We tried to mend it but over the years the rend became more and more unsightly. Out I came with the ax and in a matter of a few well placed blows it fell to the ground with a creeking whoosh.

Not quite. It took me more like two hundred blows to fell the sucker which almost made me pass out, and when it did finally fall over it was because I pushed it. It didn’t make any particularly cool sounds, either.

What is uncommon about the sense of this post? Learn from me my fellow counter-weighted, ring bearing bipeds…when the wife drops hints about the exterior of the house, she isn’t suggesting hypotheticals, she’s telling you to get off your butt and work on the house and yard.

Which we should do with relish anyway, shouldn’t we? I think so.

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