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Just Shine

I went to Mass this morning at St. Bernard’s.  That’s BER’-nerd for those of you
who don’t live around Wabash.  To the rest of the world, its ber-NARD’, as in the dog.  But not in Wabash.  BER’-nerd.  I don’t know why, unless folks were of the impression that the local non-Catholic population would think the church had gone to the dogs.  I for one would be proud to explain to everyone thaIMAGE_200t the dog was named after the Saint, and not the other way around.  But I digress…

Mass was moving, not so much because of the way it was said, or the music selected, or the attendees.  It was moving for spiritual reasons that far tranend space and time.  I was connected in a way that rarely happens, to me at least.  Just a simple realization that in that place, I was united with every soul who had ever attended, or will ever attend Mass.  I was connected to the Church triumphant, suffering, and militant.  I was as connected to St. Paul as I was to some far flung congregation this very day.  I was connected to all those dwelling in the presence of God, bathed in the light of Christ’s glory.  Because I was there, separated from divine rapturous obliteration only by the thin sacramental veil.

I was feeling down because I’m worried about so many things and my heart has been heavy lately, but by the end of Mass, I believe some seed fell on fertile soil somewhere in my soul.  My heart lightened, not of my own doing I’m sure, and the words “just shine” pierced through the fog I’d been in like a ray of stinging sunlight on an autumn morning.
Good and bad things are going to happen.  God is in charge.  I won’t go through anything that wasn’t designed for my good.  People are more important than things.  You were created to love God and spread that love like a flame.  Just shine.

So I will.

I got home and changed into some cycling clothes and hit the Nickle Plate Trail, rode to Bunker Hill and back, and on the way this guy said hello to me from the side of the road.  Does anyone know his name?

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