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To Hastening Ills a Prey…

More thOliver_Goldsmith_sephiaoughts on Dr. John Senior.  This humble professor really makes me think…deeply.  The Domino’s pizza guy is building a brand new, outrageously priced Catholic city in Florida.  The SSJ tried to do it in Pennsylvania before they were uncovered for what they truly were.

Meanwhile. across the nation, Auburn seeks a kinder shore.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, but my point is that there are plenty of half-abandoned towns across this land with empty storefronts, quiet parks, half-empty churches because everyone has made himself so busy.  Why build new when the same thing could be had right where you are by becoming unbusy and simplifying your life?  Ave Maria will end up being a half-empty church in a town full of overly busy people if they don’t focus their priorities.  But you don’t need an Ave Maria to accomplish something great.  I’m not knocking Ave Maria, Florida, I’m just saying…

My own Peru is no different than any of the thousands of similar places where you can buy a house for a song and open a shop within walking distance from your home, sell the car and cancel the auto insurance, and have time to spend with your wife and kids.

If we were to but reject the allure of wealth be content to live more with less possessions, these dreams could be reality.  I know, I’m on that road.  I’m a man in transition, but I’ve taken the first steps.  Much more to do, but now that the doing is in progress…

…there is hope.

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