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The Eldest’s First Day of College

My inaugural child got in his car this morning and drove to college.  If you don’t know what that feels like yet, I envy you and pity you.  My 2008-08-25-0814-11_edited emotions have been casting themselves across the landscape of my mind like weather across the Indiana sky. 

My understanding, the classical Western understanding, of time is that it is linear.  I get that.  As the cosmic clock keeps ticking, I’m getting older at the same rate as everything else.   There was a time before I was, and there will be a time after I die.

But we’re talking about my kid here, come on.  Can’t we just stop the ride for a few minutes every now and then so I can savor the moments? 

Thats why we have memories, I suppose.  Some people would hit the stop button and decide thats where they wanted to stay.  Have you ever had a perfect day like that, that stands out in your memory like the full strength noonday sun after a month of clouds and rain?  There are two pictures in this post.  Both are “noonday sun” moments.AaronCollege  They’re glorious but you don’t want to stare at them for too long with unsheilded eyes. 

It was just a car trip.  Twenty miles or so.  But it was more than that, because it was the first of many trips that will eventually lead him down roads he has never known, and Ican only pray he nagivates them well.

And I wonder how many highways will end up between us in the end.

Congratulations, Aaron.

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