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Scaling Back to Scale the Heights

You know, I've been thinking a lot lately about scaling back. This is particularly because I have been doing this very thing myself, but also because I haven't gone far enough, and because there are spiritual reasons why I'm doing it.IMAGE_167.jpg But I'm extending the scenario further. I'm focusing on the things I should be doing, the things that don't matter, and the things I shouldn't be doing. These are three categories, but if you get the right activities in the right categories, it can change your life. Once you throw the third category out and pare down the second, the focus becomes clearer. Reflection on the three categories reveals that I should be loving God more. I should be praying more. The focus of my life should be from "Catholic time" and not pop culture. By that I mean sanctifying time through the daily Office, the liturgical season, Saints' feasts and memorials, which decade of the Rosary is prayed on each day and actually praying it, and so on. Is it a feast day or a fast day? Is it an ember day or rogation day? I think of how rich my life could be, and I cringe when I see how shallow I am, and how shallow I've allowed my family to remain. I shouldn't be watching television at all. I should be seeking holiness and not wealth. I should be involved in parish functions such as Rosary and Benediction and Stations of the Cross. Just a few thoughts. What does your list reveal to you?

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