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Just One of Those Things

IMAGE_174 Something I had to do, if you know what I mean.  Recently, a great addition to Miami County, Indiana was the paving of a couple portions of the Nickel Plate Trail.  Now, I can get on my bike, hit the trail and basically ride to Kokomo, about fifteen miles away.  I did it a couple days ago, and believe me, my legs were sore.  That’s fifteen miles each way, mind you.

And this from a guy who just stopped smoking cigarettes at the beginning of August.  This sign right here in the picture is in Miami, Indiana.  Going South from Peru, you hit Bunker Hill, Miami, and Cassville.  When I got to Cassville, the asphalt was still too sticky to ride on, and the crew a quarter mile away was laying it fresh.  I did get several nice pictures of the late summer foliage and botanical specimens.IMAGE_176

I’m still too stupid to know what most of these plants are, so if anyone reading this knows and would be kind enough to “skool” me, I’d greatly appreciate it.  I thought this one was cool and purply.

If I stopped to take pictures of everything I wanted to, I never would have gotten any riding done, but I’m happy with the ones I took.  It was quite a day.  I went through two bottles of a popular brand of electrolyte replacement sport beverage, a bottle of spring water, which is funny because it was in a bottle, and an ice cold can of a popular brand of carbonated lemon/lime soda.  I liked the soda best of all but I would have gone for iced tea if any homemade stuff had been available.  Unfortunately, there were no enterprising kids with a stand replete with sweaty, ice melty pitchers of iced tea and lemonade.IMAGE_177  Now, the picture below is of a crabapple tree.  I know this for a fact because we had one in the back yard when I was growing up.  We also had regular apple trees there, too.  In the fall, we neighborhood kids would stockpile the rotten and fallen ones as ammunition, grab trash can lids as sheilds, and have all out wars.  The crabapples were not very good for apple fights.  None of us were smart enough to go and get a slingshot and try lobbing the crabapples with that, but this is speculation and has no bearing on what might have been.  If YOUR children want to try it, they can be my guest, and email me to tell me how it went.

More later.

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