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Newspaper Ad Orientem

Wanted:  Experienced crew to turn altar around in Catholic Church so that priest and people are both facing ‘liturgical east.” 

Responses: Pope Benedict XVI

Papaadorientem3bh1_2For sale:  Portable table used in Catholic Church so priest and people could face eachother, taking focus off of Christ.

UPDATE – 7/3/08

This seems to have been the inaugural “ad orientem” public Mass by H.H. BXVI, and in the interim he has institued the practice, when Mass is celebrated versus populum, of placing the Crucifix and altar candles between the celebrant and the people.  He has also been giving communion exclusively on the tongue to those who are kneeling.  I can only applaud the return to tradition and liturgical common sense, and the sense of the sacred it promotes. – J.G.

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