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New English Translation, Five Years Down the Road

It is five years down the road since the release of the Editio Typica Tertia of the Missale Romanum, or the second try to get the first one right depending on how you judge these things.  Now they tell us that it’ll only be another year or so before it is ready.  Add to that the typical year or so before it is back from the printer, and we’re looking at Easter 2010.  Not really that far off when you consider 2,000 years of Church history. 

But then, it still has to endure another round of harumphing from the Bishop committees before it is sent back to ICEL (I Can’t Elucidate Latin) and then forwarded to Rome.  My fix is simple, and should streamline the process.

1.  Let the bishop conferences pull out their stubby pencils and make their emendations.

2. Send their draft directly to Vox Clara for a final revision with no further input from ICEL or the conferences.

3.  Send the Vox Clara draft directly to Pope Benedict for a final revision with no further input from the conferences, ICEL, Vox Clara or anyone other than the Holy Spirit. 

4.  Save it directly to PDF on the Vatican website, royalty free, for anyone who wants a copy to print out for parish or personal use.  Nice copies will follow, after enough people have proofread it and found all the typographical errors.  That way, the moment it is completed, it can immediately be used. Someone somewhere can’t come up with a nice looking cover for a ring binder so that it doesn’t look too tacky.  Can’t they?

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